Saturday, December 29, 2007

El Lamento de la Llorona

Wepa Woman's road to recovery has been a long and valiant struggle to recover her memory and her place in the world. In El Salvador this past fall, a new, stronger, darker force emerged from the mire...
La Llorona...
here are some images

Monday, November 05, 2007

New website!

Hey there everyone. It has been a long time since Wepa Woman has shown her face. It has been a long road, and poor Wepa has lost her memory and her purpose! She has even developed a SPLIT PERSONALITY, La LLORONA!
She has just been introduced to the general public at the Centro Cultural de Espana in San Salvador, El Salvador this week, the response so far has been very strong.
To see new images, please go to the new site under Wepa Woman
Drop me a line on this page, tel me what you think?
more soon

Thursday, September 13, 2007

La Llorona

Wondering what's been going on with Wepa Woman since our last installment? We know, its been a WHILE since we've seen or heard anything about her. Be sure to stay close to your monitors. Things have gotten C R A Z Y for la Wepa!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rutgers Open Studios 3/31/2007

I hope you can all attend this event and see the work as it happens in the studio!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Es que no ha sido facil (it just hasn't been easy)

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What has become of our beloved Wepa Woman?! Who has had the power to bring our hero to her knees? What fiendish being could have the cruelty to break the strongest of women? Who was that figure that was lurking in the shadows? And where has Chuleta been during all of this?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Britney Ain't the Only One

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I am the artist and author of a series of comic inspired (and loosely autobiographical) works called Wepa Woman, a Puerto Rican super hero character that has been serving her public for several years. Recently, she has been under extreme duress (the character, that is) and was even taken captive, tortured and humiliated (her signature curly mane was crudely cut with a knife at the hands of her captor). Once released from the hospital, the agonized character grabbed a pair of hair clippers and shaved her head clean. I write this to you because she shaved her head officially on February 10, 2007.

When the New York Post plastered Britney Spears' dazed and shorn visage on their front page I was horrified and sympathetic to her. Wepa Woman has been going through her share of rough times. Hair cutting is oftentimes a very simple way of cleansing yourself and ridding yourself of old memories and it is even believed that old energy resides in your hair, and that a woman should shave her head and start anew. I, myself have shorn shoulder length locks to mark a fresh start or new chapter in my own life.

Leave a tender moment alone...

Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ghetto Karaoke

I went from Fly to Nigh in a few days time, from partying with some classy folks at Cielo the other night to crawling through (shielding my face from onlookers), by far, some scanky ass bars in the Bronx this week.
Bar 1: Casbar on Castle Hil avenue.
In search of a good karaoke night (Karaoke Survivor was shut down through a series of unfortunate events) I followed my fellow Karaoke heads to the CasBar. I dressed in a lovely little Mossimo dress and Via Spiga tights, looking oh so fresh, with some lovely black leather slouched ankle boots and found myself neck high in trash. Could it have been the vinyl poster of a beach scene stretched (rather loosly) across the length of the bar, only to be met by a classic Ms PacMan arcade game? Perhaps it was the cluster of bleary eyed, shoulder high men that cast their hungry little eyes upon my friends and me. It might have been the busty bartender with severely malnourished hair fixing the drinks. Or maybe it was just the snarling suspicion that a fight would surely break out between the guys at the pooltable trying desperately to profile their Pool Prowess.
After a few cocktails generously provided to me by my pals who saw the horror scrawled across my face, I loosened up and signed up for a few songs. It was ok, but the vibe was growing more tense and I couldn't have imagined myself in a bar room brawl and tearing my tights or scuffing my boots.
On to Bar Two: Paquita's:
Known for its yummy Pastelillos and cocaine, we headed (my head hanging in shame and my heart heavy from wasting a totally cute outfit) to this place. Let me paint you a picture:
The 'dining area' is painted electric blue. The aroma of yummy fried cholestrol hanging heavy in the air. K-mart posters of 18th century French maidens perched atop swings encased in faux barque guilded frames alongside the remnants of a flung beer bottle. Christmas lights slung on the wall. Matching Candelabra sconces. Cafeteria lighting. Gold glitter smattered across the cieling. Shiffon tassled skirting over bare lightbulbs. Did I mention the raw Spackle? Or the bartender in an Easy Pickins promdress and Flip Flop wedges? All the fixin's of a night in Parkchester.
But the spanish music was pulsing through the horrorshow and through me and I couldn't resist. Another cocktail and I found myself on the makeshift dancefloor, twirling with aplomb. This could have been a most aweful night had it not been for the uplifting spirit of my friends, who laughed at my panic stricken face and plowed me with drink. We laughed as i snagged my dress in my heels while performing a drunken Suzy Q, or when I dropped my enormous hooped earrings in a fantastic spin. We took photographs and laughed til our bellys ached.
There is something so charming about nights like this, to drop your guard for a second, to walk away from the pomp and circumstance of $15 cocktails, coat checks, scanned drivers licenses and aloof bartenders and scank it out with your girls.
I should be scanking it out next weekend too. Maybe even tonight!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!